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" I would like to tank Healey enthousiast Hervé Chevalier for asking me to write a preface to this book whose beautiful photos really capture the majestic settings in which the rally took place, while giving the reader a fair idea of what it must have been like to compete in this marvellous Event .

Ah ! Memories ! memories !"

Pat Moss, 2005

Pat Moss
Liège Rome Liège
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"Herve, a great Healey enthusiast, was President of the French Austin Healey Club for six years. He has done a wonderful job compiling this collection of big Healey photographs which depicts the excitement of the great Coupe des Alpes.".

Don & Erle Morley

Don & Erle Morley
Coupe des Alpes
1er au classement général

It is appropriate to salute as it deserves the release of the new opus Hervé Chevalier who is not his first on Austin Healey. This founding member of the French club of the brand has indeed written eight. This time it tackles a sharp subject if it is: the 100 S .. In other words, it has its place in the libraries of fans of the brand!

N°65 mai 2018

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